Acne Needle and Eyebrow Tweezer Set

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This product is made of stainless steel and is anti-allergic and anti-bacterial special stainless steel. It can be effectively antibacterial, clean and easy to carry. The set has various functions.


Acne Needle: Before use, first install the acne needle then use the alcohol to disinfect the needle and steel ring. Use Needle to puncture a whitehead so that sebum can be released. Use steel ring to gently press on acne to remove more sebum. Use toner after use to cleanse the skin and disinfect acne needle before storing.

Eyebrow Tweezer: Apply hot towel to the eyebrows before use, then obliquely hold the tweezer and gently pull hair in the direction of growth of eyebrows.


  1. Use after cleansing face. 
  2. Keep out of children’s reach.

Storage Method:

Keep in a dry shaded place


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