Farmstay Collagen Water Full Moist Cream Ampoule

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Highly moisturizing cream and high nutrient ampoule meet, cream ampoule!

The benefits of the cream and ampoule meet! Did you know that the more dry your skin is, the less elastic your skin will be? Right now! Experience the synergy effect of cream and ampoule.

01 Cream and ampoule in one!

Do you have any experience mixing and applying ampoules because you are disappointed with one cream? If you are a little disappointed with one cream and one ampoule, use a cream ampoule. It contains a lot of the moistness of the cream and the nutrition of the ampoule.

02 Because it’s not sticky even if I reapply it~

It is a thin cream type that does not drip off with a texture that is an intermediate formulation between cream and ampoule. Even with a small amount, you can gently spread over a large area, and it is quickly absorbed into my skin, making it moist without stickiness even if you apply it thinly.

03 The power of strong skin!

Contains collagen ingredients to fill the strength of my skin and make it firm from the inside, helping to improve wrinkles.

How to use:

  1. Take out an appropriate amount of the product using the enclosed spoon.
  2. At the last step of skin care, gently spread the product over the entire face.
  3. Pat lightly so that the product can be absorbed into the skin.

Volume: 250ml


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